Our History

Inspired by the love of the Earth

From my first naps under Terra di Noa's olive trees.


The memory of the sun at the end of the day with its infinite nuances.


From this grandfather who collects the olives from the garden, hands them in his dug hand to a curious kid.


From snack time, enjoy a piece of bread gently dipped in this olive oil with golden highlights.


Terra di Noa is a tribute to simple things, a return to the roots as if by evidence.


Memories that never erode.


To the earth, the matrix of the living, and to man, who has cultivated it from the beginning.

Our manufacturing process

The olive trees of Terra di Noa give a unique fruit, "The Olive Baldi", nicknamed
the golden nugget of the Mediterranean of medium size, offers an oil of very high quality, with low
acidity, healthy, natural and beneficial on health.